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AMWA General Body Meeting

Written by Saba Khan, Ph.D. (AMWA Secretary)

AMWA AZ General Body Meeting

AMWA Annual Genereal Body Meeting

American Muslim Women’s Association (AMWA) celebrated its friends, members, and volunteers as they came together at their annual general body meeting (GBM) on Sat, Sep 14th, 2013. The purpose of GBM was to introduce newly elected AMWA Board, recognize community members for their exceptional services, recognize AMWA volunteers for their dedication, announce name of AMWA scholarship recipient, and recognize selected AMWA board members for their excellence in leadership.

The GBM started with Quran recitation followed by the award ceremony. For outstanding community services, AMWA presented awards to Ms. Choukri Ahmad, Ms. Samantha Noyes, Mr. Sami Mahmud, Dr. Seema Munir, and Mr. Zaf Mannan. Nomminated by AMWA board for excellence in leadership, three board members, Saba Khan, Lubna Ahmad, and Christine Choudhery were presented with awards by AMWA President Saba Farooqi. Later on, names of volunteers and community members were announced who have shown extraordinary dedication to AMWA. As the afternoon progressed, Dr. Shabana Fayyaz, the newly elected AMWA President bid farewell to the Past President Saba Farooqi. Saba Farooqi was AMWA Vice President for two years prior to becoming the President in 2012. While the audience enjoyed hot tea, the rest of the AMWA team introduced itself and its roles. The introduction ended with Dr. Fayyaz’s speech who urged upon the importance of passion vs. position at charitable organizations such as AMWA. Next, the newly elected AMWA Vice President Dr. Saba Khan highlighted the important role of AMWA within the community, and drew attention to various projects in the past year. The Keynote speaker was Ms. Violetta Lopez who has a Masters in Counseling and currently enrolled in ASU in Ed leadership. Ms. Lopez emphasized on children’s education and AMWA’s role in providing means and resources to the education of under privileged students; a project Chaired by Dr. Lubna Ahmad and working in collaboration with Ms. Lopez.


The afternoon ended in a social mingle over tea and snacks. For more details and pictures, please visit our face book page at



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